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Frankfurter Musikwerke-Fabrik

J.D. Philipps & Söhne AG

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Around 1907 / 1908, the DUCA reproducing piano was introduced. Although, Philipps had already an extensive and successful array of products in the player piano and orchestrion field, they decided to offer a reproducing instrument as well. Their DUCA reproducing system was almost congruent to the Welte system, but had additional accent tracks for both hands. But again, the Duca never was as succesful as the Welte system. Today, the DUCA is almost unknown by collectors and due to the fact, that little is known about this system, its quality seems to me to be totally underestimated.I had the chance to restore a DUCA and was totally overwhelmed by its musical ability.

Philipps tried extensively to advertise their new instrument and I found a lot of ads for the DUCA.

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